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    1. Ducky

      Donation Issue Guidelines

      We honor you for your donation towards the server, this will definitely help us expand the network and improve your gaming experience! If you have a issue with your donation, follow the steps. If you have a problem donating, fill out the format below in your own thread. Minecraft Username...
    2. Ducky

      Ban & Mute Appeal Format

      If you have a discipline that you feel was improper, you can appeal it here. This section is for those who feel that they deserve an unmute, or unban before their expiry If you'd like to appeal, please use the format below. Please remain patient while your ban appeal is being reviewed, as it may...
    3. Ducky

      User Report Format

      If a player is noticed violating any of the server rules, a player report can be created here to have the user punished by a staff member. we aim for player reports to be resolved within 48 hours. Reporting a Staff Member Please refrain from reporting staff on the forums, if you would like to...